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July 08, 2007



OK so Gore is still a little wooden (some things never change!) but the work he has done as an environmental campaigner is truly admirable. Many people still doubt climate change exists although the scientific community agrees on the fact. To do something about it people have to exert pressure on the politicians, hopefully through high profile campaigns such as Live Earth people will now exert this pressure.

Jett Loe

I agree completely 'seriousaboutpolitics' - this post is not an attack on 'Holographic Gore' - am just giving people a taste of what's it like living in our world of the future - today.


I'd like to add two things to this post:

1) Al Gore invented the 'hologram'.
2) From the introduction, it appears Mr. Gore has also changed his name to the more futurisitc sounding 'Algore'.


wow, he should run for president again but this time as a hologram, delivering these kind of speeches. He could rule the world!


I wonder what kind of AlGorithms they use to create those holograms.

Boom tish. I'm here all week.

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