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July 01, 2007



Silly car-jackers.

Don't they know you need a gun for that? That way they don't get beaten up by citizens opposed to car theft.


I caught "Wankers" - can I have a small prize? Is this a carjacking or just a bunch of "wankers" ? I didn't see anyone taking a car. Isn't it nice how via mobilephones and youtube, we can share the beauty of other parts of the world for all to see ?


Right, d-man - the reason you saw no one taking the car is the carjacker(s) miscalculated two things: Lack of a weapon, and citizens who don't take kindly to carjackers (with no weapons)


I'm wondering how the attempted 'carjacking' has been established in this case?

Man goads men standing outside Mace shop, car hoots horn at goading man, goading man then goads car driver for hooting horn in his direction and whilst distracted he gets knocked out from behind by a bloke who presumably has just bought a Mace in the Mace shop.

Looks like a drunken idiot who just goaded the wrong 'citizens' to me... He might have had better luck goading them outside a pillow shop or something.


more or less as follows:

there he goes

ha ha ha ha

oh fuck

he's knocked senseless

totally bollixed

theyre beatin him with bats an all (or batons)


knocked out

there's the other one there's another one

they're wankers


barbarzon apparently the guy in white had been going up and down the road with his mates for a good while, messing about with parked cars, waving what looked like a gun about, and had attempted a robbery at the post office in the shop you see in the video, and were also possibly off their heads while doing such. the cops were called but it took them a full 45 mins to show up. so the scenario before the video goes like that the hoods had decamped across the road with their gun and their mates, the security at the shop had gathered as had people who live off the road, looks like the hoods were taunting the people at the shop and either at that point walked across to taunt some more, a car pulled up and the guy in white made a threatening move toward it, and got himself knocked out by security from the shop. his mate ran across the road to rescue him and got himself knocked out for his trouble, the other mate didn't bother to slobber at the people at the shop and just tried to revive his pal. it sounds like the kids filming this are mates with the hoods and cheering them on. they've another video up of the same crowd of hoods in the same area joyriding and ramming past a police roadblock, and they're cheering on the joyrider in that.

anyway that's what the story going round is


Ok. He did actually have a weapon, a gun to be precise. It was a very serious situation, the guy was off his rocker on something and had just attempted to rob the Mace shop. Fair play to the guys who dealt with him. Brave if not fool hardy...


You know, after Ch. 66, I was wondering how exactly one has their fuck knocked in. I think I just saw how.

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