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July 18, 2007



Anyone ever tell you the amusing story of when the very tall security camera was placed at the roundabout at the Ardoyne roundabout?

The camera was SHOT out. Apparently the residents of the Ardoyne objected to the implication they were doing anything wrong. Like shooting things.



Whoops, just realised that first sentence is a bit babbling...

Jett Loe

Feel free to give us more information Ronster re: the shooting - perhaps Wayne and I can go out to inspect!

In other news the always reliable LTA listener 'Phil' writes:

"I have a question regarding Belfast, should you wish to use it for this week's recording:

Perhaps you've touched on this before via one of Wayne's intriguing "Northern Irish Story of the Week" or other discussion in a previous podcast, but could you explain the meaning behind the Bonfires that occur every year? Is there a reason they occur around the same time each year (is there a specific date?)? From the photos depicting the size and content that are part of the bonfires, it seems highly dangerous and possibly toxic - is safety ever an issue? And who cleans up the mess afterward? How long before the rubbish is swept away typically?"

We will try to answer some of these questions in the show this week Phil.



I find the bonfires both confusing and exhilirating!


Ah it happened about 7 years ago Jett, and I'm a bit fuzzy on the details.

It was related to me by a friend who lives at the roundabout, and he swears its true.

He also told once about an incident that occured a few years ago around the Twelfth.

He was sitting in his house looking out the window when a man ran past, bare-chested, painted green and carrying what appeared to be a garden gate. My mate went outside to see what was going on. He heard the man yelling the phrase "Fenian is the name for an Irish Warrior" repeatedly and at the top of his voice. Close behind him were an angry and out of breath mob bedecked in red, white and blue and screaming murderous epithets after him.

It's all fun and games in West Belfast. At least until someone gets an eye out.

Grumpy Head

I once had a guy run off with my garden gate. I never went after him in case he took a fence!

Jett Loe


Maria W

I would like to know if Belfast has green milkshakes. I know that everyone there drinks green beer, so I think its a fair question.
Further, are the green milkshakes minty or four-leaf-clover-flavoured?

Jett Loe

Thank you for your questions Maria W - they are answered in tomorrow's show.

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