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July 26, 2007



Goodness, Yorkgate looks like a prison. Though I'm sure that's no reflection on the people who shop there.

The lurve drought continues I see... shame!/hurrah!

Jett Loe


Alan in Belfast

A question (terribly suitable) for the podcast ...

You've spent quite a lot of time over the last two years noticing and photographing the buildings and architecture around Belfast. What building/structure has intrigued the most, and why?

And will you ever update your Belfast Photo Essay to label the buildings that no longer exist ...

Jett Loe audio-based show about architecture. That's so crazy it just might work.

Alan in Belfast

Well, if it worked for the walking tour in Chapter 53, it might work again!


Stop it... no stealing of other people's vague and unrealised podcast ideas ... :)

Recording started this month, but it won't be autumn before anything is published.

However I still think audio broadcasting is ten times better for architecture than television or video... would love to hear more walks through Belfast on LTA.


Jett Loe

Yes - not a bad idea James and Alan re: more walks in Belfast + I'll have a listen to your cast James - sorry have not done so yet!

Plus, this week's episode is different.

Feel like we treaded water with Chapter 67.


Funny you should say that about ch. 67... not so much treading water as re-establishing yourselves. It did feel a bit static, but only because the recent successful podcasts have involved some kind of movement, some kind of adventure, i.e. going somewhere and recording it and the banter between Mr. Loe and Mr. van Ry.

The ontheroad podcast (which features a hastily re-recorded intro, and a fluffy tip of the hat to LTA) is a bit rough round the edges, but it's a practice for some more serious podcasts later this year. As one friend and listener said to me after she heard it ... "Hey, you stole the beeps from Letter to America..."

Immitation = flattery, nach.


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