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July 30, 2007


the ronster

I'll check this out tonight! Now if only you could bother Steve Jobs enough for an Apple TV plugin...

Jett Loe

Absolutely. We need to stream this stuff to the TV, (though I see 'full-screen' mode has just been implemented for the constantcomedy vids this afternoon - so that's cool).

I'm really excited we've launched - am looking forward to what people upload, (all the vids you see there now we're shot/edited by myself so you can imagine I can't wait to see some new stuff! :)


That "Obi Wan / Luke Skywalker" vid is one my early notch.

Jett Loe

Yeah, we shot that one on the banks of the Thames over in Putney - glad it worked out ok!

Alan in Belfast

You must be feeling so un-funny having been soaked in comedy for so long. And with the Edinburgh Festival coming up, no doubt your gag reflex will be exercised again soon!

Jett Loe

I'm feeling funnier and funnier Alan. Just wait till you hear Chapter 68 - The Death of Wayne Van Ry.


Site looks great - good work Jett.

By the way are you doing anything at Edinburgh or just there to spectate?

Jett Loe

Not doing anything on the Fringe - but will be podcasting daily! (we'll see if that happens) - on my adventures in EDENBURG.

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