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July 24, 2007


Nick Margerrison

Is all not well on planet Loe? What's with the video -REMOVED BY USER-?

I don't think I've ever been in such high anticipation of a podcast.

Wonder if my bit will still be on it?



You know, Jett, you can't fool the Belfast Welcome Centre. Would an American tourist who's never been to Belfast really use the words 'me and the missus' and 'a wee question' ? You're picking up the Ulster accent worse than Wayne... :)


Jett Loe

Yeah...I noticed that when I was listening back.

I find I also say perspex, polystyrene and aluminium!


I loved the way The Welcome Woman said "Right..." at the very end... there was so much summed up in that word.

Last time I was at St George's market, about a year ago, I bought a pineapple-slicer- thingy. Best damn gadget I've ever had.


You can get some awesome sausages there as well, real herby and made with nothing but the good bits of meat (drool...)

Fingers crossed Jett won't get laid this week, ch. 68 is anticipated...



I absolutely loved the tea-making segment.

Fortunately, I am not like one of those visually-challenged dullards and felt as if I were right there watching the water boil.

Jett Loe

Wow - a pineapple slicer - that's just what I need! Plus, the Market also has Bonsai Trees.

Jett Loe

And cheers James. Really appreciate the sentiment.


JL I can honestly say that the pineapple slicer has changed my life. Once you've tried it you'll never massacre a pineapple with a knife again.

Another life-changing implement is the Banana Guard - although it can take a wee bit of explaining at Customs. Or indeed anywhere you have to pass through security.


ps I've never really seen the point of bonsai trees.... but then I don't like anything miniature.

Jett Loe

Banana Guard!!

the ronster

Ah right. Re: This episodes Frappr Map - I am Aaron Abernethy.

Hmm, for some daft reason I didn't realise my address was visible - I really should go about editing that, shouldn't I?


Sorry if this sounds cruel, but I sure am glad you're not getting the sweet loving. Thanks for another entertaining episode. Nothing puts a smile on my face like LTA. Also, Wayne is very interesting too and he just don't get the respect he deserves. I missed you guys!

Jett Loe

Well at least we didn't mention address you out loud as it were Aaron - anyhey thanks for listening - and Brendan - yes it is cruel. Very cruel. Sigh.


I have to tell you that Banana Guard may be about to lose its spot as #1 useful object. I saw this yesterday in the paper:

(Maybe you boys could use it for something ... erm...a finger puppet?)

Jett Loe

Seems like a useful product.

Unfortunately the name sounds like some sort of dance craze from the late-50's ... yes kids it's time once again to do the 'She-Wee'!


as long as there's no instruction to 'shake it all about' ...euw...


Great episode... Wayne's native NI tongue crept in at the end there!

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