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July 10, 2007


Matthew Hutchinson

Very nice shots, I have a Leica C-Lux myself (

Up until last week I was an ex-pat from Belfast working and living almost right beside Holland park - I've now moved to Dublin in search of fortune and glory

- Matt (long-time-listener)


You remember the old Andre Agassi commercials, don't you? He was a "rebel", what with his long hair and acid-washed shorts, just like the camera.

While I know little about photography, I am a big fan of the Canons.

If I can offer some observation to your use of the new camera, it seems your shots are a bit over-exposed (the top two)? Perhaps the aperture needs adjusting?


Ah! I am so jealous! Have fun with your new toy. My most loved posession ie Sony Cyber-shot died a tragic death yesterday. Rebels have a good reputation but I hear Nikon has some pretty nice SLRs as well. I'll have to check em out, though I don't know if I'm ready for all the extra work that comes along with it.


I have the previous model the 350D, and it's ace.

What lenses did you get?

Jett Loe

got the kit lens of that came with it - then splurged on the IS 24mm-105mm cause I was missing the 'image stabilisation' of the Lumix.


hey jett, your photos are always awesome, helped by your ability to ask just about anyone if you can take their photograph. With this beautiful piece of equipment you will surely only get better photographs.

Can't wait to see em!

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