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July 23, 2007



Is this the same newspaper that gave us the "Bat Boy"?

Either way, who will we know who to vote for in 08? Perhaps the alien will do an Op-Ed piece or something for another paper.


You ever wonder why that marriage didn't last?

I shouldn't jest. Mine was screwed after 12-months. I've had cell phones longer...

Jett Loe

Bat Boy...ahhh yes.

And hey, the marriage lasted as long as it needed to. Now the second marriage...that's another story.


Yep. Confirmed it.


Just how many wives have you had?!?

Jett Loe

You probably have to be a long-time listener to know the answer to that one.


Yes, well, I'm new to these here parts. (Nice redirection though, very subtle.) Will do my very best to catch up....


Cageyk - you will not be disappointed with your findings.


just to get it out of the way, jett has had exactly 3.14 wives.

2ndly, my favorite all time WWN headline:

"Alien Vampires Ate My Cows!"

accompanied by the appropriate composite picture of dead cows and Greys with little pointy teeth. it has to be true, you couldn't make that up.


Thanks for blabbing, wcbhoy. Personally, I think anything more than 2 wives is a wee bit greedy. Although I see he didn't espouse all of no. 4, just nabbed a boob or something. Och well, each to their own.

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