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August 22, 2007



Wow, that was very Karl Pilkington.


Jett Loe



Pilkington is who Ricky Gervais called the funniest man alive in Britain today. He does a podcast with Gervais & Steve Merchant. What makes him funny is that he's either an incredible character actor or an incredibly simple mind who just deadpans ridiculous ideas (while Merchant and Gervais make fun of him). Definitely worth a listen - there's two great comedians on that podcast but Karl is what makes it funny.

Jett Loe

Hi Jenny, know who Karl Pilkington is - I just don't know why you mentioned him. Please enlighten! :)


Oh, that's bizarre... I thought I was commenting on this - . I must've mixed up my tabs or something. No, Zoe has very few, if any, similarities with Karl.

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