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August 14, 2007


Sam Morrow

Hey Jett, I read the article that you think could be a manifesto for CC. I think your right, hopefully it will succeed in allowing a free international home for exposing and exploring comedy. I'm gonna take the plunge and post a sketch or two myself soon. I like the work you've done for it too, lots of interesting and funny people you've found to do it. I'm maybe gonna seek out a couple of people in Leeds as well, especially I know a comedy musician who I would like to get up there, stick up for the comedy music side of things. Anyway, I'll probably see ya around some time, always do eventually. Sam

Jett Loe

Hey Sam - look forward to your vids.

+ Yes, I can't wait to see what happens w/ccc when people discover it and start uploading material - what are people gonna like = mainstream observational? character comedy like the boosh? or something totally different + i wonder how real the whole 'long-tail' thing is and if we'll be able to effectively find the undiscovered 'nuggets 'o comedy gold' and bring them to people's attention.


cool pic, hope you're having fun with the new camera

Jett Loe

Hey there Erin - yes having fun with the camera but it seems that I thought I was getting good at taking pics but the Lumix, I was using was doing a lot of the work - so of course now most of my photos are terrible - getting better though.

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