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August 17, 2007


David Baxter

For once I agree with Loe on this, this just isn't funny and i'm sure will encourage even more hate of the west from the Middle east. Shame on you Murdock!


Two things:

The guy who's job it is to press the "applause" sign button on this show must have carpal tunnel syndrome.

Second, if you want to see right-wing parody done right, watch the Colbert Report (who this guy was attempting a shameless impersonation of, and failing).


Exactly. Bad bad acting.


I kinda get the point of the sketch. It's not really anti-art,but more of a commentary on how politically correctness can kinda get out of hand, but still the joke isn't executed well. The shame of the Half Hour News Hour isn't the idea of spoofing liberals, which isn't a bad idea, there's plenty of stuff to spoof liberals
just like there's plenty of stuff to spoof conservatives. The problem is it's not well executed and needs to take some pop shots at both sides, not just one.


I have to believe any political view, even an unpopular one, could write a good comedy show and appeal to a big audience. The Daily Show leans decidedly left but people across the political spectrum like it - because the jokes are good. In my opinion the biggest crime of the Half Hour News show is that it just isn't funny. Seriously, this is some poorly, poorly written shit.

Jett Loe

I'll have to disagree with ya there Jenny re: "any political view, even an unpopular one, could write a good comedy show" -

don't think this is an issue of fashion = that the 'right wing' is not hip or seen to be culturally current - these people are at a very deep level facists / authoritarians who are deeply fearful of difference/flexibility and anything that changes their patriarchal control system -

comedy is in a large part about telling truth to power - this is antithetical to what these people want / can deal with -

I will agree on one thing though - yes, it is some poorly written shit.

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