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August 06, 2007



Ah - Celibacy versus vocation. It's something the church has struggled with for centuries (I know where I stand,which is one reason why I'm an Anglican not a Catholic!)
Love the Jay Foreman songs - found this excellent one via his website:
Hang in there Jett (the noo).


It seems to me that you are extremely introspective lately. You are contemplating your relationships a lot - not just to women, but to friends, listeners, and most importantly yourself. The podcasts are an outlet for thoughts that are weighing on your mind. It's a better outlet than random women would be, because these thoughts probably don't make for great pick-up lines. So maybe it's a good thing to take a few minutes a day to make a podcast, no matter how short, just to get out a thought or two. Then go and meet the ladies and listen to them.

Alan in Belfast

From the review in the paper, you should check out The Human Computer (on in Traverse 3: University of Edinburgh Drill Hall) ... maybe as a journo/podcaster you'll get in free!

"He creates an alternative universe inwhich he's a cog in the computer machine ... member of the audience uses a giant arrow to click on the set's drop-down arrow ... charm and witty one-liners" - and he does stand-up, which would be perfect for a cameo on ConstantComedy ...

Jett Loe

I'll see if I can make the show Alan + yes Jodi, will stay away from random women, cheers for the advice.

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