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August 08, 2007



Her story was a wee bit dull though, wasn't it? Bless.

I haven't been back to the Eden-berg fringe since I performed in possibly the worst show ever put on there (and that's saying something). We were being filmed, reality-style, for a BBC2 series, but they cancelled us after one episode when they realised what a bunch of jokers we were. Sadly not in the comedy sense.

Anyhoo, am v. envious of the jolly japes you're all having up there (when not beset by despair at the pointlessness of it all. )

x K

ps You spoke about Radio 4 in what I can only call 'a disparaging tone'. OK so yes, there's The Archers and yes, there are middle-aged people in cardigans... but there's comedy gold on them their airwaves I tell ya, comedy gold.

Jett Loe

Yes, of course 'cageyk' - I should have been kinder to Radio 4. That was my 'lower working class wankery' coming out.


Thats OK, Jett. I realise you're under a lot of pressure. And you know radio 4 does cater for working class people. There's...erm... well, um... and, oh, anyway, it does.

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