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August 02, 2007





First the WOA blog dies, and now Wayne :( I didn't think it was this serious.... *sniff*

the ronster

Man, he really took the end of the Harry Potter books to heart, didn't he?

Maria W





Very good, gents - I like the analogy that Wayne is the "Sam" to your "Frodo"...but I much prefer to think of him as your "E.T.", as you alluded to later in the podcast.


Sorry to hear that Wayne is so sick. So am I at the moment. Wishing you both "Gesundheit!"

Thanks for the mention. I didn't expect it and was kind of shocked. But it really made my day.

The offer for getting a beer still stands anytime.

Have a great time in Edinburgh!

Jett Loe

Jodi - Wayne and I will check out our calendars - if we can do a Berlin show we will! :)

P.S. I hear Wayne has been moved off the critical list.


Berlin show! Bitchin'! (I just love to throw in a great 80s form of excitement when and where I can.)

Or maybe I'll come up to Belfast while I'm in Ireland in October. Either way is good for me. These countries aren't running away. Neither am I. It'd be great to meet you and Wayne.

Jett Loe

Keep in touch Jodi and maybe we'll see ya in Belfast! :)


On a late shift tonight, which is of course the perfect opportunity to catch up on missed podcasts (I work in an 'audio environment' so I just put my headphones on and arrange my face to look as though I'm listening to a speech by Ban Ki Moon on world poverty, or some such. At times I do guffaw but I've got quite good at turning into a kind of a wail for lost humanity. My colleagues think that I'm a very caring person.)

Anyhoo.... my disgust at hearing about Wayne's snotty sinuses was quickly replaced by excitement at hearing my name mentioned. And under a pseudonym too!!! Brilliant.

You are obviously very astute boys because I am indeed a fetching young woman - female, mostly, and young... as compared to say, Angela Landsbury...and fetching, as compared to say, Lionel Ritchie.

Cagey K

Jett Loe

I don't want to hear anybody diss Lionel Ritchie - the man deserves high praise if for nothing else than this video:



Yes, it is indeed a unique video... but doesn't the fact that the woman is, you know, BLIND rather support my point?

Jett Loe

Ah yes, but the voice of an angel.


You are quite right. And as we all know, talent of any kind cancels out any facial unpleasantness.

However, I still maintain I am a bit prettier than him.


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