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August 09, 2007



Nice response Jett. I can understand why David is upset, though I also agree that perhpas it was misplaced. Northern Ireland has been inundated with "conflict tourists." On one hand this new attention is probably good for the economy, on the other i'm sure it is super annyoing as well. It seems to me, though, that blogs are a very personal space, shapaed by the authors, but which are not subject to the same mandate that public news outlets are. That is, blogs are not designed to serve public good. That is what the BBC is for. As an American who lived in Belfast until recently, I enjoy how you present your perspective of Belfast; if I didn't I wouldn't check the site everyday...
As to the claim that civil disturbance could be found in the US, of course it can. I always found it amusing the way my American-ness was received in Northern Ireland. "Post-colonial, neo-imperialist bastard" is the most creative(and accurate)descriptor of the US that comes to mind. I have not met many Americans living outside of the US that are under the beleif that the US is the paragon of morality portrayed in exported media. Most Americans I've met living abroad have replaced their narrow, aggressive patriotism with a borader, global perspective. Thank you for publicly continuing in that tradition. All the best.

Jett Loe

Yes, of course I can understand why David is sensitive to the issue of how Belfast is portrayed, but in my opinion LTA doesn't do a disservice to Northern Ireland or its people.

As for conflict tourists, I don't know any. The people who I hang with, (and who don't form a part of the show), are almost all folks from other countries who are working in Northern Ireland as part of the peace, justice and reconciliation movement. Odd writing that actually since I've never talked about it on LTA.

As to your last point, yes, the Americans I know who live abroad find laughable the pronouncements coming out of the U.S. federal government re: it's moral imperative.

Anyhew bluemile - thanks for coming by and hope you continue to visit the site.


Is there any country, really, where foreigners are not looked down upon?

Sinead O'Hara

Good point Phil, Maybe foreigners should keep their views to themselves and avoid puerile blogs that no one wants to read.

Jett's comment "The people who I hang with, (and who don't form a part of the show), are almost all folks from other countries who are working in Northern Ireland as part of the peace, justice and reconciliation movement." is exactly what is annoying people on both sides.

In my view we don't need people jumping on the so called "justice and reconciliation movement", leave the past in the past and find a real job!

Jett Loe

'Sinead' - I'll try to be kind:

1) Going on a blog and telling someone to 'keep their views to themselves' is so self-evidently absurd that I don't need to add anything.

2) Your use of the word 'foreigner' is very telling. Who's a 'foreigner'? The world's got enough problems - our fear of the 'other', while I'm sure a handy evolutionary device in the past, does us no favours in the modern world.

3) Puerile is a great word. I will endevour to use it more often.

4) The people that I know who work in the peace, justice and reconciliation movement are some of the finest human beings I've had the pleasure to meet. All of them could get high-paying 'real jobs' as you put it, but chose to devote themselves to making the world a better place - not just making more money. We need more like them.


My comment wasn't really meant to be interpreted as an endorsement.

Except when it comes to the Mexicans. I hate Mexicans. And I'm half Mexican! And I hate irony!

Phil O'Kane

Keep it up Jett!

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