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August 31, 2007



I've always wanted to smash a beer stein over the head of Michael Bay.

Jett Loe

F**ckin' Bay.


"[women] will never understand the 180 degree rule." lol! that's classic.

the other day i had to do research on online video networks, which meant i basically spent about an hour on constant comedy watching the videos and cracking up at work, while researching the other sites. i love my job.

Jett Loe

God bless you Jodi - pls blog and tell your friends bout ConstantComedy - the more popular it becomes the less chance you'll here me utter the words: "Is that a 'grande' latte, sir?"


sure thing Jett. this will require some thinking and me, with all likeliness, making an ass out of myself. i'm looking forward to it. anything to help out. you know i'll send you a link when i do it. ;)

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