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August 15, 2007



The steel-lined baseball cap and the anti-ricin sneakers are just weeks away.


Hey, we used to have bullet-proof lunchboxes, made with reinforced steel. Remember those? They could easily have stopped a hollow-point coming at you across the lunchroom.

It's just the next evolution. Sold at local gun stores everywhere (where you can shop for all your back-to-school supplies).


Hmm, a nation of self-loathing fear addicts. I wonder if there is a market for these products in the UK? Better check that web site...

David Baxter

Perhaps instead of do gooding American coming to Northern Ireland to help with our "peace, justice and reconciliation movement" they should sort out their own "backyards"!

Jett Loe

Yeah there's too many 'do-gooders' around in Belfast - we need more assholes; (for those of you not familier with David's particular bugbear about peace workers I direct you to the link below Dear Reader:

Response to a Reader's Complaint About the Site

Jamie Doyle

Great idea for all the US anti-gun campaigners: make carrying a bullet-proof backpack a constitutional right.
I wonder if these would sell over here in good old Belfast...


I'm not convinced. Only protects you against the deranged loner high school gunmen who shoot you in the back, not the deranged loner high school gunmen who shoot you in the chest...


Fear is how they control us!


I think this is a great idea, there have been 3 school shootings in the last three weeks. This world is getting crazy, why not give have something to help.

Jett Loe

I think the problem with it is, that by its very nature, 'Bulletproof Backpacks' are not addressing the problem, only trying, (in, I think, an absurd and disingenuous fashion), to deal with the symptoms.

Also, to the outside world, (those who don't live in the States), the combination of U.S. Gun-festishisation and cowardice, (when did folks from the U.S.A. become such pussies?), looks just plain sad.

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