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August 28, 2007


Alan in Belfast

Welcome home to sunny Belfast!

Jett Loe

Thank you Alan - man, I'm worn out. Right must now get to editing all those podcasts.

Matthew Hutchinson

I too am on at most, 5 hours of sleep - working on the website for the Dublin Fringe Festival, due to start on the 23rd of Sept, (plug, plug)

In less than 5 words, "Less comedy, more art"


Jett Loe

Had a look at the Fringe Programme there Matthew - I'd recommend La Clique to anyone - well, not kids I guess. I did a radio interview while in Edinburgh with Camille who's in La Clique (and can be seen in your PDF programme in the Hennessy ad on page oh man.

Susan McIntosh

What a journey.. Oi Fringe you gave me hepatitus. Almost. At least you gave me a cough from performing in a cave non stop for three weeks.. With dragon ooze dripping down the walls. Oh sweet sweet Edinburgh. That little cave only cost me 2000 pounds for three weeks. So generous that town. So helpful for the out of town impoverished performer. Lending a helping hand.

But you made it fun! You made it all possible the mighty Jett. You kids in Belfast don't know how lucky you are to be surrounded by the manic talent of this hilarious and compassionate man. He's the Desmond Tutu of comedy. Yes he is. Lick him. Lick him heartily whenever you see him.



Jett Loe

Thank you so much for the compliments Susan - but listeners, if you do see me in the streets around Belfast - please no licking. A handshake or hi-five is fine.


Get some sleep, my friend.

You've earned it.

Matt Hutchinson

For all my hard work, i've earned a few free tickets to La Clique, looking forward to it now ...

Jett Loe

Excellent - you'll have a good time. If you see Camille - please say hi to her for me.

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