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September 01, 2007




Nice blog! Nice meeting you today. Very interesting journals and more power. Rey

Jett Loe

Nice meeting you too Rey - I've got some nice photos of you on your back snapping the 'Spire' - will post soon! :)

Tom Raftery

Happy trails Jett - the place will be less interesting without you.

Jett Loe

Thanks Tom...(that's Tom Raferty for all your I.T. needs :)

Maria W.

see you soon, Jett Loe... wherever you may end up.

Jett Loe

There's gonna be travelin' a plenty Maria W...I feel the London comedy scene a callin'.


That way you ended this with the last shot was beautiful, Jett. Well done you, Mama P. is proud.

Alan in Belfast



Sniff! [wipes away tear]

What will Belfast do without you?

You do realise that since you arrived here, Belfast, nay, the whole of Northern Ireland, has been a calm, troublings free place? Coincidence? I think not.

I'm worried that without your influence on the people, we'll revert back to savagery. We need to know that should you be needed here, you will return to save us!


Hey if I had known that I would have said hello yesterday. Great work n all that, best of luck in the future....

Jett Loe

I will be monitoring the situation Stepbar in case Belfast needs me again.

And sorry for no warning manuel, I made the decision quickly. Reasons may be explained in an upcoming podcast.

Robin Blandford

Cheers Jett. My #1 podcast for years! Hoping your next location will provide as much entertainment for us :-)

Jett Loe

Thanks for listening Robin; there's at least 3, possibly 4 more podcasts in the 'can' from Edinburgh...hopefully upload one today...then there's the 'departure' ep as well.

Matt Hutchinson


my #1 podcast too, since moving to London (from Belfast in early Jan 2006) - the weekly, then monthy show has kept me attached to the place - Living in Dublin now and still subscribing, ~I can only hope wherever you end up next will be a skype call away from the Wayne and that the adventures will continue.

(and yep i *have* listened to every episode, many more than once) and no, Im not crazy

Jett Loe

God bless for you listening. Tell your friends...the more feedback I get the chances are I'll keep doing it! :)


Wow, the end of an era indeed! I'm very happy to hear that the podcast will continue though, you had me worried there for a minute.

Good luck in your next adventure Jett.


The fact that LTA existed at all says something positive about the current state of Belfast/Norn Iron - I would even go as far as to say that LTA has contributed to the social history of this place, in it's own unique way. In years to come the podcasts will be dusted off and transferred into whatever the new medium is at the time and will be displayed as a snapshot of what it was like here in the early 21st century. Maybe the OBG could exhibit it... :)

Good luck on your continuing travels, sir. Thanks for letting us all tag along, it's been fun... (For some reason I've got the theme tune from 'The Littlest Hobo' in my mind...)

Jett Loe

Thanks Claire - (Claire's site: Gingerpixel is well worth a visit!)

And cheers Brabazon, am looking forward to LTA being played on 'holo-cube' on the Moonbase.


Hey Jett, all the love and best wishes. It seems somehow sad you're leaving - as Claire said the end of an era - but I hope also the beginning of positive & incredible experiences for you. I'm sure you know that regardless of your aliases & personas the people on this site care about you personally and not just the content. As for me, I wish you good luck and sincerely hope we'll meet again.

Happy to be one of your 15 people,

Jett Loe

Thanks Jen :) 15 People: on Reuters


Have really enjoyed the podcasts and blog. Looking forward to the new ones! Best of luck with your regeneration (perhaps you'll emerge with a curly mop and a very long scarf? or very thin and Scottish?)... if I should see you in some comedy club in London don't worry I won't give the game away - won't even acknowledge you - *wink*


Jett Loe

Good lord you're right cageyk - I should completely change my appearance to throw 'them' off the scent!

Wayne (formerly

End of an era, d00d.

Sorry I'm gonna miss yer official exit from the country (what with me visiting the States at the moment). Don't forget the little people (i.e. 'me') when you hit the big time.

Best of luck, Jett. I'm gonna miss our adventures... (oh, alright...I'm gonna miss you too...)


thanks for tickling Belfast lovely man :o)

Jett Loe

Jeez this is resembling a high-school year book page. I'm gonna miss you too Wayne - though I feel odd typing that as you and I feature in the upcoming show: LTA - Chapter 77 - You Will.

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