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September 01, 2007


Jett Loe

Thank you Celia - hope all is well at the Station, (and I look forward to many a Ukrainian Christmas to come).

caroline sparkle

Hey Jett!
Didn't know you were leaving Belfast so soon!?! It was really nice to get to spend a little more time with you in Edinburgh and thanks for your huge contribution and amazing work on the site. It was great to have the chance to work with you; you've got bags and bags of creative talent! Al the very best with your next move onwards and maybe see you when we're both back in Belfast perhaps? Take care and keep in touch! All the best, [email protected]

Jett Loe

Yes, Caroline - the decision to leave Belfast - and leave quickly - was itself taken quickly. All will be explained in Ep. 77.


Belfast's loss is somewhere else's gain.

Good luck Jett. We're listening.


have a cool summer!


no wait...i mean...uh...

no matter which path you take in life, you'll always get to where you're going.

er..let me try again...

Jett, you are an amazingly creative person. i look forward to all of your endeavours, whether they be the online hysterics found at, on stage in London, LTA podcasts, or even being an ordained Elvis at some wedding chapel in Vegas. i'll be keeping in touch and hope you will too, so we can have that beer and talk about how LTA and tiny-thoughts can unite people of the world in that common bond of love (sort of).

ok, i'm not going to get all weepy or anything. you're still livin'. and, you've got some good things going on. so i will be back later to check up on all regular intervals, i might add.

Jett Loe

Thanks Jodi - but the show goes on - if I don't upload an ep tonight I'll edit one on the plane tomorrow :)

Adam Turks

Good Luck man, I think your podcasts are an amazing document of a changing city.

Though I'm sad to see you go I am comforted by the fact that my favourite podcast moment ever was ice sculpture man and it wasn't from Belfast. I'll still be listening.

Still, you'll be missed

Gerard McGarry

Hi Jett - met you that one time at the Ormeau Baths Protest, ages ago now. Sorry to hear you're leaving, from me and my alter ego...

David Baxter

Absolutely over the moon that you are leaving the country, perhaps I should buy you a drink Mr Loe as a celebration.

No, honestly I think any talk like that a little churlish and good luck in whatever you go on to do.

I'm DEFINATELY not one of your biggest fans and I feel you don't understand the conflict or peoples of this Island, however I guess you've made an attempt at finding out which is much more than many of your countrymen.


Don't go! I'll miss the Belfastness of LTA! And thinking I am so very cool to know where all the things are that you talk about...Oh well. I guess I still have to live in Belfast, but you don't have to! Good luck with whatever comes next, I'll still listen...and thanks again for the LTA mug, which I have right here on my desk confusing my coworkers.


Good luck, and I look forward to the next incarnation of LTA.


It's a sad day, or week, or whatever. As an Irishman abroad, you've informed me a lot about Northern Ireland, and I'll miss your perspective on things there. I hope this is a positive change for you and look forward to future episodes.


This is a tragedy. Just when I thought there was something in the podcasting world that reflected my city, you leave!

Oh well.

Oh, and David Baxter? Dry your eyes mate. It's people like you who make this country miserable, not people like Jett who make the best of things wherever they are.

Wind. Your. Neck. In.


All the best Jett. I have always been a silent listener in the background but have remained as a listener and reader. Thankfully the world wibe web has made the world so much smaller - so even though we may move on to new counties, new countries or even new continents - we can still communicate with those who want to hear!

best of luck in your next move. Although I have been in N.I. a few times over the past few years it will seem a little strange the next time - knowing that it has lost another great character.

all the best

Jamie Doyle

Wow. This is scary, and shocking. Jett Loe is leaving! No!
Jett, some Saturday before you head off wherever you're going, head into Belfast City and take in some lovely alternative culture.
Buy yourself some stuff in Fresh Garbage and grab one of those leaflets about the Giants Causeway that the guy in Donegal Place hands out, to remind yourself of Belfast.
Good luck with wherever you end up next, man.

Jett's biggest fan



Goodbye Jett- All the best on your travels. Your humor and extensive broadcasting will not be forgotten :D

Jett Loe

Thanks Ed - I look forward to making 'cameo' appearances in Belfast in the future! :)


Nice to have met you, be it all very briefly, "Why do I always meet interesting people as they are leaving?" Oh! I think I like being called indomitable, I shall add that to my list.

Have fun whatever you get up to.

Martin Dorans

'Maybe tomorrow he'll want to settle down, until tomorrow he'll just keep moving on.'


Take it easy Jett, hopefully you'll be back soon!


Well this is a shock!

Thank God I approached you that one time I saw you down the town afterall then! Having a picture displayed with you on this site was an all-too brief flirtation with celebrity. Of sorts ;o)

You'll be sorely missed here, though I'm not surprised you're flying the nest. Are you really leaving to become a stand-up comedian in London though? tough job man.

Best wishes.

Jett Loe

Thanks again for the messages everybody - but I will be making regular 'cameo' appearances in Belfast from time to time! :) ...and yep Steve a lot of people have been pestering me to do the stand-up circuit in London...we'll see how long my Nashville adventure lasts...(tune in for the upcoming LTA Chapter 77 - Nashville and the Littlest Hobo)

conor garrett

Hey - I wanna say goodbye too!

But then again I don't cause I just KNOW YOU'RE GOING TO COME BACK. You can't stay that long and just expect to walk away one day. Not possible! Your work ain't done here.

Whether you like it or not Jett Loe you essentially are Northern Irish now. I mean, I was looking at that photo of you standing in a Nashville shoe shop in your lowly shorts and sandals and couldn't help but notice that your legs have taken on a distinctive shade of Northern Irish blue. I expect your heart has done the same. Although it's probably more a sort of a red colour. I'm not being very clear here am I?

Anyway - until you either get a spray tan or realise your heart is in Belfast, I raise my Clements coffee cup to you sir and hope the road rises before you and that your days are long.

Jett Loe

Thank you sir...I am truly touched!

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