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September 10, 2007



You need to do something about that fantabulous Norn' Iron tan.I can't quite figure out where your naturally pale skin ends and the white shirt begins. To your credit you're not wearing socks with the sandals. I applaud you!


You're very right Wayne. I'm not sure the beigeness of Jett's shorts really sets off his virtually-blue-almost-Ulster-skin... get a bit of dark blue in there somewhere! xxx (it's meant lovingly)

Jett Loe

The whiteness helps blind my enemies.


To be fair Jacob and Matthew don't look much better (although at least they have the decency to cover it up) - I thought Nashville was supposed to be sunny! Hang about what if this is all another ruse and Jett’s not really in “The Athens of the South” at all – how about a picture of you and the Nashville Parthenon then?

Jett Loe

I'll be at the Parthenon this Saturday for a Flickr Meetup - will post my pics afterwards to 'prove' my existence in Tennessee.


Damn! Look at that blazing white flesh! Get a tan in Nashville Jett... otherwise you'll blind us all.


Opps, I just read the other comments. It seems I'm not the first to bring up the vital subject of your whiteness.

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