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September 13, 2007



Jaysus, yer man looks knackered. He's not back on the sauce is he...?

Jett Loe

You're right he does look a bit tired. I'll swap the photo out.

Jamie Doyle

Jett.. why only ads for podcasts? I want some LTA goddamit.
Get back here, Belfast needs you, Eden-burg doesn't!

Jett Loe

Hi Jamie - just go back to 'Hell-Fast'/ 'The Fast' / 'The Big B' / 'Easy Town' today. Gots me 4 podcasts in the 'can'. Will edit and upload as soon as I can.

As always thank you for listening.


Hi Jett, I'm beginning to think itunes has somethng against me. Not really, but this and the last podcast are not showing up for me, making it a little hard to listen to them.

this is me disappointed ---> :(

Jett Loe

Hi Jodi - this podcast and the last are not uploaded yet...patience... :)


didn't realize that was the same Limmy. if you haven't listened to those podcasts, they brilliant.


Bah, you and your shamelessly sensational headlines. You're really hurting the journalistic integrity of the LTA the world has learned to trust for bipartisan, factual reporting.

Jett Loe

You forget Jenny that I've got a commitment to reality.


There you go. Mr Limmy gets namechecked as 'internet phenomenon' in the hallowed pages of The Grauniad...,,2171422,00.html

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