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September 26, 2007



Ah, American airports. How I have missed thee. Flew into Philadelphia the other day and spent two hours waiting or being checked over before being allowed into the country. My bags were of particular concern - some time and energy was expended checking them for bombs etc, and finally were given the all clear when two rogue apples (Pink Ladies, if you must know) were removed and taken away to be destroyed.

So good of them to protect the homeland so well. Shame they couldn't look after the bag itself, which never showed up at La Guardia after I got off my connecting flights...

Jett Loe

It's amazing to watch a massive CYA operation in action. It's just a layer of bullshit inserted into everyday life serving no purpose but to insulate a bureaucracy from accountability.

Matt Hutchinson

How long ago was that photo taken?

Jett Loe

That was my first night in must have been in 2003. Lord.

Alan in Belfast

Are those highlights in your hair?

Jett Loe



I feel bad for Wayne, but good for the Southern U.S.!

I hope you brought your Walther 9mm - did you know that for every 100 U.S. citizens there are 90 guns?

You don't want to be considered "weird" or and "outsider", do you?

Jett Loe

Wayne will always be part of the show...heck we talk with him in Chapter 77 - Chattanooga.

Re: the gun, no I didn't bring any firearms. But maybe I can join a gun-club! I've signed up w/ - their are plenty of interesting groups around - here's a sampling:

Spiritual Approach to Intelligent Living
The Nashville Basset Hound Meetup Group
The Clarksville Pagan Meetup Group
The M-boro Outdoors Group
The Nashville Yoga Meetup Group
Franklin Basset Hound Meetup Group
Franklin Childfree Meetup Group
The Hendersonville Yoga Meetup Group
The Nashville Sci-Fi/Fantasy Meetup Group
The Papillon Meetup Group
The Nashville British Expats Meetup Group
Mt.Juliet/Old Hickory Law of Attraction Meetup Group
The Murfreesboro Poker Meetup Group
The MakeSense MakeOver Group
The Murfreesboro Poker Meetup Group
The Antioch Pet Therapy Meetup Group
The Antioch Makeovers Meetup Group
Nashville Area Humanists
The Spring Hill Law of Attraction Meetup Group

This place is an LTA GOLDMINE!!


I just meant that he'll be so lonely. I mean, I realize he's married and all. And he has a dog. But you get my drift.

Too bad about the gun, especially since you are at a Super 8. I think it could come in handy.

And I agree with you re: Nashville being an LTA goldmine. But stay away from the Franklin Basset Hound Meetup Group. I've heard they're really just a cult.


Great stuff Phil - "Franklin Basset Hound Meetup Group. I've heard they're really just a cult." - LOL. If they are a cult I think Jett should definately go to their next "meetup" on Oct 7th. Although he'll have to take a Basset Hound with him so they don't get suspicious and where the hell do you rent one in Nashville (I think we've identified a gap in the market).

Jett Loe

I'm spoiled for choice. I want to go to them ALL.


Is the "The Spring Hill Law of Attraction Meetup Group" a physics thing, do you think??


boy is Athens, Georgia gonna be pissed.

Jett Loe

Click here for the Spring Hill Action!


The photo they have ("the Secrret is Revealed") looks sort of spooky.

I would have thought the group was just some clever pun where the "Law of Attraction" meetup was just a bunch of lawyers or something having some cocktails and smokes after work.

It looks far more mysterious and/or sinister based on that photo.


Gosh. Still none the wiser - but 'living abundantly' sounds rather fun.

Jett Loe

The Secret...what a scam.


So will you still let the listeners sleep on your couch?

Jett Loe

Yes...wherever I am - there's always place for the listeners. As the Danish proverb says:

"If there is room in the heart, there is room in the house."

Oh, but you'll have to do chores.

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