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September 05, 2007


Susan McIntosh

You got to be careful with that smoked pork buddy. It's got a kick. A real kick. Just remember when the oil economy in America collapses it will be people. Yes people. Delicious people. Dry rubbed.

The Maria W.

Welcome, darlin'


I think the move will make for a much more interesting podcast - the great thing about America is that so many people are just completely MAD there (and these days after living in homogenous Holland, I'm beginning to think that's a very GOOD thing) :-) Plus, they are much friendlier and like to talk to strangers, which in Europe is not as normal. Just be careful with liberal comments or you may find yourself gettin' lynched, boy!

David Baxter

So great to see you settled in another city. I don't know why this redneck haven is twinned with Belfast but hopefully it'll be more "trendy" for you and you'll stay there.

Maybe however once the good people of Nashville start to read some of your crap about their city they might ask you to leave as well.

Can i suggest that you now don't mention Belfast ever again as you have NO idea about the city.


Jett Loe

Susan: Yes, I'm already lovin' the pork :)

The Maria W: Thank you!

d-man: Yes, the fact that people are so effusive and friendly here means a steady stream of 'material' for the show!

David Baxter: Don't worry David I haven't moved to Nashville - it's just become a regular stop on my travels; I'll be doing a series of regular specials from Belfast so keep listening! :)


Unlike our northern states, it is generally considered rude not to, at the very least, offer a friendly acknowledgement even to strangers.

Jett will find Nashville to be easy work from a podcasting perspective.

I would highly recommend, Jett, you venture to "Dollywood" and compare it to the Belfast amusement park you & Wayne visited (I can't recall the name now).

Jett Loe

Dollywood! Yes of course! I seem to recall that there are LTA listeners out that way as well.

Would be a nice compliment to this episode:

Letter to America - Chapter 50 - Funderland!


Being a Tennessee resident, I agree with D-Man. Nashville/Dollywood/Anywhere in the South you will find a lot of material for LTA. Welcome to the South my friend.

Jett Loe

Thanks Chill - I'm looking forward to this phase of the project.

Yesterday as I was walking down the street I looked to my left and saw a young man strolling in the opposite direction on the other side of the road - he looked at me...and waved!

I didn't even know him.


When I was in Prague I had somebody ask me if all people in Tennessee went around and said "Howdy" when they saw each other on the streets... I told him that was silly and that we were much more normal than that... we don't just say howdy... crazy Czechs...

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