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October 01, 2007



Will he deliver to Atlanta?

Jett Loe

Only one way to find out Mr. Phil - give 'im a call!

Alan in Belfast

On the pumpkin note ... caught a story on Good Morning Ulster this morning. Given the massive rainfall and flooding in the UK this summer, pumpkins are smaller than usual and still green.

Some farmers are even moving their immature pumpkin crop into warm sheds to get them to turn orange in time for Halloween.

I kid you not.

From Orange to Green! That'll give them something to talk about up at Stormont!

Jett Loe

Ahhh...Stormont...Belfast seems so far away now...a distant memory. May be time to head back to get a reality check.


I'll be back to Belfast in a couple months - let me know if you need any field reporter investigative reporting. ;)

Jett Loe

God bless you Jenny - thanks for the offer - direct reporting from Belfast, (in addition to Wayne of course), will help keep me grounded.

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