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  • What is Letter to America?

    Congratulations! You’ve arrived at Letter to America, the highly praised and informative weekly podcast based in Northern Ireland. Just by visiting here you’re that wee bit cooler. How’s it feel? Good? Glad to hear it.

    What’s a podcast you ask? Easy enough to answer - just click on the ‘New to Podcasts?’ link up above to find out what’s going on.

    Ok, you’ve done that? Great, so LTA is a podcast but what’s it about? Simply put, Letter to America follows the adventures of an American, Jett Loe, as he lives his life in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Jett Loe is a real person and these are his real adventures. He has a commitment to reality. He’s dedicated to telling you the truth as he sees it. He drinks a lot of coffee. Goes out with girls. Smokes cigars. Drinks more coffee. You get the idea.

    Doesn’t sound very exciting you say? Hmmm. Well, many have said that, but once you start listening it just starts becoming addictive, darn it. Try it and see by clicking on the ‘Subscribe to the Podcast’ link above.





  • Contact Us

    If there’s anything you want to know about the show, or if you’d like some tips on visiting the fascinating place that is Northern Ireland feel free to email us here.



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