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September 01, 2007

Goodbye Belfast

Girl Marchers - Belfast.jpg
Today, September 1st, marks the 2nd anniversary of the of this blog - originally started to post 'behind-the-scenes' info about the Podcast.  It became something more for me - a tool to understand the strange, fascinating place I in which I had become stranded.

As listeners to my podcast know I shape my life to compliment the narrative arc of my various works, regardless of whatever alias/artistic persona I'm inhabiting.  With this in mind, after 2 years, now is the time to say goodbye to Belfast.

Though I may work in Northern Ireland on occasion, I will no longer live here - it's been quite an adventure:  the 3rd marriage, the attempt on my life, the creation of the podcast and much more.

I'd like to say thank you to everyone who's supported me during this tumultuous period in my life.  Without the help of the folks I met here I wouldn't have made it. 

Special thanks go to:  Alicia Peyrano, Wayne Van Ry, Erin Parish, Gareth Higgins, Beth Lloyd, Raphael Rehbock, Sara Templer, Kirsteen O'Sullivan, Celia Petter, Keith Law, Sonia Butterworth, Dave Torrans, Philip Morrow, Richard Parkin, Allan Gildea, Alan Meban, Stephen Barnes, Marcus Valentine and Lucky Starr most of all for her love and devotion.

I'll end by saying the Podcast will continue Dear Listeners, what form it will take we'll have to see.  Thanks to everyone for taking part.

There was a Flickr Meetup today of Belfast Photographers - a great way to say goodbye to the area.  Above and below are some snaps from this afternoon.

Here's the gang:  digitalEnvironmentalist, Alan in Belfast, A lovely lady who's name I can't remember, (a little help anyone?) Anna, myself, Red Mum, mymsie, NickyBe and Stepbar; (the  indomitable Dogtired arrived later and therefore was not present for the photo).

Belfast Flickr Meetup 2007.jpg





I'm going to end on the shot below.  I've been here 4 1/2 years.  Belfast's changed so much in that time. 

I've heard a lot of people diss Belfast over the years, complaining about this and that, the lack of culture or the problems with its people. 

But there was a war on. 

A war. 

The war's over now.  It'll take a long time for things to get better.  But I'm hopeful. 

I'm hopeful.



July 20, 2007

'London Eyes America' - American Asks Londoners What They Think of U.S. Then Acts Out the Result


My favourite new blog is London Eyes America.  Rachel Parish, an American living in London, (and sister of our very own Unpaid Intern Erin / Whitey Can't Dance Girl), approaches Londoners - asks them what they think about the U.S., then dramatises the result. 

From her blog:

"I've travelled around several inner London Boroughs, with several different wonderful English women (Rose, Feyza, Liz, Sophie--thanks!!). We approach people, and ask them--whats the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Americans? We then get their permission to take their picture and record what they've said. That is what you see here. But thats just the tip of the iceberg... Next, a team of fabulous makeup artists will work with me to transform me into representation of these diverse ideas of what it means to be "American."

Go and have a look around the site, I think it's a wonderful idea, very 'LTA'; I hope she keeps it up!

(Photo above: Rachel dramatising 'Immaturity')


June 14, 2007

Unpaid Intern Erin Starts Her Own Blog

Unpaid Intern Erin at the St Georges Market, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Yes, it's time Dear Listeners.  Every parent knows that some day their sweet child will leave the nest.  Whether it's heading to college, moving in with a partner or, in my case, escaping to Mexico to wait out the statute of limitations, every 'little one' moves on.  This is now the case with our Unpaid Intern Erin.  She's started a blog of her very own:

Terrific Whistlers

It's well worth a read and I expect you to bookmark it accordingly.  Anyhew, please join me in wishing Erin the best of luck - I miss her already.

(Photo, Erin at the St. Georges Market, Belfast:  Pointing to that which I treasure almost above all else)


May 17, 2007

99 Points - Episode 1

Nice capsule podcast review of LTA on this new site:

99 Points - REAL! Episode One: 99 Points to Podcasters


May 11, 2007

The American Dream

Video Goodness from Al's Eye on the Web.


April 30, 2007

New Belfast Blog

Here's my new favourite blog out of Belfast:

The blogger, Roy Burns, describes himself on his profile page as:

"An artist who dosen't smoke dope nor hug trees" and he has some interesting photos of Belfast on his Flickr page which are worth check out.   You can find them here:

Ironbed's Photos


February 26, 2007

Irish Podcast Oldbones Keeps Level of Quality High

Man walking in Belfast
As you may know Dear Listener we love the 'Oldbones Podcast' here at LTA.  Well, there's a new episode up.  Well worth a listen:

The Telephone

(Photo taken this weekend by Jett who wandered lost for quite some time).


February 19, 2007

Oldbones is the Bomb

Our new favourite podcast here at LTA, Olbones, has made it to the shortlist for Best Podcaster and Best Podcast at the Irish Blog Awards.  Click below to hear her thoughts on the matter.

You Could Knock Me Down With A Feather

Oh, and I offer up my services as Toyboy for the evening.


February 16, 2007

Voting Closes Today in the 2nd Round of the Irish Blog Awards

Not everyone is a fan of the Irish Blog Awards.  I love this rant by Owen Higgins:

I don't like the licking of arse just to get some recognition...

Must admit I'm ambivalent about these awards and awards in general.  Though would love to meet 'Oldbones', as heard here:

Letter to America - Chapter 57 - The Irish Podcast Special

and commented on by our favourite podcaster Conn Ó Muíneacháin, am not sure that I'm up for all the weirdness that comes with these kinda 'quasi-volunteer / old-boy's club' events.  Friends of mine know that I'm really not very good with crowds or social interaction and don't know how I'll deal with that potent mixture of thinly veiled 'award-avarice' and an open bar.

But of course the desire to 'put on a show' plus the fun of having Wayne drive us down to Dublin like last year will be hard to pass up.

Now, they've been having problems over at the I.B.A.s.  Much apparent confusion of who votes for what and when as seen here:

Attention Blog Owners - Encourage your readers not to spam

Houston we have a problem or 2000

1100 people have voted so far

Looks like they're not getting as many votes as expected due to people thinking they've already voted.  So if you have not voted, OR, only voted in the first NOMINATION ROUND then visit this link to make your choice:

Voting Form

Apparently doing so entitles you to a chance of winning a copy of Microsoft's Vista:

Last few hours of of voting - Vista copies to be won


Not sure that's a big incentive.

Might dissuade you from voting.

Oh well.

If you want a decent operating system why not go here:

Decent Operating System

And on that note I leave you Dear Reader as the movers are taking my computer desk out from under me.


February 14, 2007

Letter to America - The Irish Podcast - Chapter 57 - The Irish Podcasts Special

Image for Letter to America - Chapter 57 - The Irish Podcast Special
Wow, Oldbones Rocks!  It's Letter to America - Chapter 57 - The Irish Podcast Special!

In which host Jett Loe and new intern Erin Parish review the Podcasts nominated for Best Podcast at this year's Irish Blog Awards.  Listen in as we visit An Lionra , Arseblog, Cumann Carad na Gaeilge - Podchraoladh Caoga a Naoi, IT@Cork, Oldbones, Podleaders and Twenty Major. 

All this and more on your "Oh, and they plead for your vote as well" Irish Podcast.

Link to the World Criminal Non-Commercial Archive



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