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East Nashville...

October 05, 2007

The Plowhaus Artists Cooperative Fundraiser this Saturday

The Plowhaus Gallery, Nashville

I saw via the Interweb that the Plowhaus Artists' Collective is having a fund-raiser this Saturday at the Alley Cat Lounge and Tex-Mex Grill.

Excited as always Dear Listener to explore the aesthetic of whatever new town I'm in I sped over to the Plowhaus Gallery on East 17th to see what art was cooking and to speak to the locals about the scene here.

As per usual I didn't check the opening hours of the venue, so like my 'I Dream of Weenie' and 'Craft Fair' experiences I found myself outside of a locked building, alone.  I've really got to do better planning.

Turns out the Gallery is only open on the weekends.  But, they do have a sign on the door with names and numbers of people to call and open the place up if you really want to see the art inside; what a great idea!  Kinda like doctors on call.  Art doctors on call! 

Anyhew,  I didn't want to bother anyone so I didn't ring; just wandered around a bit.

Behind the Plowhaus Gallery, Nashville

The shot above is the gallery's back door; off an alley way on the side of the building.  I, like you I suspect, was intrigued by that drainage pipe sticking out of the chain-link fence.

Drain Behind the Plowhaus Gallery, Nashville

I especially like that 'goo'/sealant around the hinge.  Good stuff.

Well, not many adventures to be had that day at the gallery am afraid - I'll do my best to attend the fund-raiser; I don't know these Plowhaus folks but the idea of an Artists' Collective sounds interesting and God knows the world needs art now more than ever.  If you're in Nashville this Saturday why not go out and show your support?

The Plowhaus Artists Cooperative presents
A Fundraiser at the Alley Cat Lounge and Tex-Mex Grill

I leave you with the fellow below - spied on the Plowhaus' alley wall.  Have a good day everyone!

(Special thanks to Beth Seiters, whose blog 'Drawing the Void' alerted me to Saturday's activities).

Wall Behind the Plowhaus Gallery, Nashville


September 23, 2007

The New York Times on East Nashville - The New Greenwich Village?

east nashville hula hoop hula-hoop tennessee hooprama
I find the creation of "perceived reality", (perceality?), through modern electronic media fascinating.

Three weeks ago when I came to visit from Belfast I had never heard of East Nashville - now it seems everywhere.  The New York Times has just weighed in and called it the 'New Greenwich Village'. 

Actually, that's not true.

In local author Ann Patchett's article, musician Todd Snider describes East Nashville as being the closest he'll get to his fantasy of the famed New York neighbourhood.  But, by creating a 'stripped of context' pull-quote/strapline from Todd's comment, (if he even said it - how do we know?), one begins to create the 'reality' of such a thing. 

Other blogs, (consisting perhaps mainly of bot farms dedicated to making money through Google Ads),  will pick up on this post and disseminate the idea of 'East Nashvillage'. 

Rather than being a 'living machine' for the the quick spread of 'truth' as some Internet Utopians in the 90's, (myself among them), predicted, the Interweb allows for the real-time manufacture and dissemination of narrative fantasies presented and consumed in place of actual 'facts on the ground' reality.

ast nashville hula hoop hula-hoop tennessee hooprama

If the people reading this have ever listened to the Show they know that Belfast has the world's largest ex-pat Moroccan community, (outside of Africa), in the world; with over 70 Mosques in South Belfast alone.  Because I commented on this fact in several shows, (not sure which ones, maybe this one, or this one, or even this one), I STILL get requests from mainstream media to talk about the impact of Islamic culture in Belfast.

Except, the thing is.  I made it up.  The show is a construct, a meditation on reality and fantasy and what drives a fantasist to live his life as art.  But, if people start to believe in the specific 'facts' you are presenting, and miss the larger message you're trying to get across, what are one's responsibilities, what does one do?

I ramble on in such a way because my natural inclination is take the techniques I developed in Belfast and apply them here in Tennessee. Rather than simply reporting on what I see around me here, why not implement Phase 2 of LTA and promote Nashville, East and West, North and South, Yankee and Southerner, 3 Meat and Veg and Provence Bread eating as the place to be?  As the New Greenwich Village of our time? 

Something for me to think about. 

OK, enough rambling, it's Sunday morning and I'm off to visit the local Iraqi diner for a classic 'Baghdad Breakfast'. 

Oh, didn't you know?  There's plenty of great Iraqi retaurants here; after all Nashville's got the largest Iraqi refugee population in the United States!

Update 23rd September 2007: I found out tonight from an unimpeachable source that Nashville actually has the largest Kurdish community in the United States!  So perhaps doing the show while in the U.S. there is no need for fantasy or exaggeration.

ast nashville hula hoop hula-hoop tennessee hooprama

(Special thanks to everybody at yesterday's East Nashville 'Hoop-Jam' for letting me take their pictures.  That's Sunny at the top of the post, of Hooprama - why not give them a call and learn to hoop?  Better for you than sitting around blogging).


September 19, 2007

William Hanging out in East Nashville, Tennessee

William Hanging Out in East Nashville

East Nashville's not just for Hula-Hoopers Dear Readers. 

Many other things go on there as well.  While strolling there this eve I was most blessed to have had an informative and enlightening discussion with William, the man pictured above.  I had not seen or spoken to him before, yet somehow he seemed to know my business.

William swore me to secrecy regarding the contents of our discussion yet, take it from me, there was a lot of truth in it.  In his own words William is 'International'.

I can say no more, (though I feel 'this' more and more each day).

Oh, and if you are interested in more hula-hoop action there's another 'Hoop-Off' this Saturday outside of the Art & Invention Gallery from 11am till 1pm.  Click here for the Google Maps location.



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