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February 23, 2006

FutureFear - Plastic Not So Fantastic

Paul Darrow reclining with soothing cumcumbers in a still from an episode of FutureFear

Oh yes, Dear Listener it's that time again!  I won't reveal any of the details of this week's episode other than to say that even though it was shot in my old flat back in London that was not my bedspread.

FutureFear - Plastic Not So Fantastic


January 31, 2006

FutureFear - Episode 1

Paul Darrow in the first episode of FutureFear

Back in the last century I was working for a large cable company in the U.K. and created FutureFear, a thriller/sci-fi show designed to showcase what we called 'Broadband'.

We made 6 episodes: the production values were nil, the direction and acting often awful.  I realised at the time I should have taken over and directed it myself but did not - and at the end of the day I decided not to release the series.

But now thanks to the miracle of Google Video all the stuff that's been clogging up my old hard drives can now be yours! So sit back enjoy some old-fashioned sci-fi pulp hosted by Blake's 7 Paul Darrow - and you know what?  It's a big hunk of cheese, but it is fun!

FutureFear - Episode 1



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