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Listener Contributions...

April 14, 2007

Star Trek Predicts A United Ireland; The 8th Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival

Worf from the television show 'Star Trek'

Special thanks to listener James who spotted this on a BBC News site:

Star Trek predicts a united Ireland

Hopefully we can get Erin to go and have a look.  As part of the 8th Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival the Trek episode is showing at the Black Box Monday, the 7th of May at 8pm - and hey it's free, always a big plus to us here at LTA.

From the Black Box website:

Star Trek - The High Ground
(The Banned Episode)

Beverly Crusher, who is trying to help wounded based on a terrorist attack on a non-aligned planet, is taken hostage. Based on what she learns, she comes to see what terrorism means first hand.

In his study of terrorism, Data notes that Ireland would be reunified in 2024 as a result of a successful terrorist campaign. Due to its content (and specifically its mention of Irish reunification), this episode has never been shown on free-to-air television in the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland, and initial airings were edited when shown on Sky One.

The Black Box previously on the site:

'Fresh Meat' at the Black Box

Belfast - City of a Thousand Festivals

(Photo above taken from the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival website - I'm such a Trek nerd that I instantly realised that the pic is not from the TV show but from one of the, I gotta get out more)


April 11, 2007

Typical 'Letter to America' Listener - Part 2

Typical LTA listener, Aaron Heath
From time to time I wonder what the typical LTA listener looks like.  This photo recently posted on our Frappr Map by Aaron Heath of Newark-on-Trent, England, seems to ring true to me.

While it's hard to compete with Thom Brown III:

Typical 'Letter to America' Listener - Part 1

I think Aaron acquits himself well.  I am intrigued by the photo.  What is Aaron looking at?  Is he downing the lager in one?  And are those sunflowers real - or merely some sort of strange simulacra of the real thing?


April 04, 2007

For Cod and Ulster

New chip shop, For Cod and Ulster, opening in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Special thanks for long-time friend of the show Keith Law:

The Glamour of Show Business

Jon Joe Sat Nav

Jon Joe Sat Nav Wins the PANI!

for sending us a couple of snaps today.

The one above, (which Keith received in a chain email - photographer unknown), shows a new chippy opening here in Belfast.  The name of the shop, For Cod and Ulster, is a play on 'For God and Ulster', a well known phrase uttered many a time here in Norn Iron.  If you're not from around here it many not seem that funny - but trust me - it is.

Here's another snap of the chippy this time from NickyBe's Flickr Stream:

For Cod and Ulster - Chippy

The shop also seems to be making an impact on the locals:

The Scariest Chip Shop in the World

Obviously LTA has to go there and record a segment - perhaps for the upcoming Chapter 64; (oh, and before David Baxter starts in, I am making no political statement of any kind by posting this pic).

Keith also sends in another photo, this one taken by himself, (see below).  I have no idea what the deal is with it.  Any answers 'our' welcome.

Swede Dreams


March 07, 2007

Aine Chambers on MySpace

Aine Chambers
Oh my God!  Thanks to LTA listener Judas Trainwreck who informs us that the incomparable Aine Chambers seems to not to vanished after all.  Her old site, SligoZone, now directs you to somewhere very special:

Aine's MySpace Page


October 13, 2006

Belfast Rocks

A burnt out car here in Belfast, Northern Ireland

People often say to me:

"Jett, you live in Belfast.  Why no photos of burnt out cars on your blog?"

Well, here you go Dear Reader.

Long-time LTA listener, Mr. X, as seen in this photo-set, emailed me the pic above a while back.  Here's the text of his email:

"Hi Jett, found this outside my house on Friday, no its not mine, joyriders left it at 4am Thursday, then delightfully stole some other car.

Cheers (name deleted to preserve anonymity)"

Now, a lot of folks on hearing that I live in Belfast are concerned.  They kinda figure I have to navigate burnt out wrecks like the above car and groups of feral children throwing large rocks and flaming bottles.  But aside from this incident:

Who You Callin' A Fenian Bastard

I haven't seen that much action here in Belfast.  I keep lookin' though.


June 01, 2006

Come to Belfast Mr. Tourist: I'll Let You Sleep On My Couch

Long time listeners of the show will know that I have, on occasion, offered to put fans of LTA up on my couch if they ever turn up in Belfast.  Well, tomorrow, Friday, the man pictured below, Jefferson Davis from South Carolina, becomes the first to take me up on the offer.

Download this weekend's show to find out what happens.

Jefferson Davis posting in his LTA Golf Shirt


May 09, 2006

What's In That Shot Glass?

LTA Sweatshirt relaxing on a chair at Grampa's Growler in beautiful downtown Mechanicsburg, PA.

Hey there Dear Listener:

Just received this photo in the emailpost.  Our first confirmed sighting of LTA 'Gear' - in this photo an LTA Shirt can be seen relaxing at Grampa's Growler Bar in beautiful downtown Mechanicsburg, PA.


May 05, 2006

Prostitution in Belfast - Part 2

Have just received the photo below in an email from those fine folks over at F├║star.  It seems that the anti-prostitute graffiti seen in this post:

Prostitution in Belfast

does not tell the whole story.

Prostitutes Please Stay


March 10, 2006

Typical 'Letter to America' Listener

Thom Brown III, typical Letter to America listener
Hi there folks - how are ya?  You know, I've always wondered what the typical 'Letter to America' listener looks like.  Well, now I know.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Thom Brown, III.

Now, you may ask what makes Thom so special - so deserving of the 'Typical Letter to America Listener' moniker?  Well I've been receiving more emails as the show gets more popular, (though I'm sure nowhere near as many as the delightful Aine Chambers), and Thom's are, both in style and content, the spot-on, arrow in the centre of the target, typical examples of listener mail.

Also, I saw his photo on our Frappr map and the thing is he looks EXACTLY HOW I PICTURED A TYPICAL LISTENER TO LOOK LIKE. 

And he's got a monkey on his shoulder.

Thom wants to be on the show - actually he wants a shot at co-hosting.  Thom - Skype me, (my user name:  jettloe), and we'll do a wee audition. 

He's got the looks and the attitude Dear Listener - let's hope he has the pipes.


December 12, 2005

Narnia Fever - Catch It! Part 8

Well we're almost at the end of Narnia Fever here folks!  Yes that's right, our cynical attempt to cash in on Disney's/Walden Media's massive marketing spend for the Chronicles of Narnia:  The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe is drawing to a close.

Since I was down in Dublin recording Chapter 12 on Saturday I missed the Narnia Lantern Parade through East Belfast.  Luckily our top stringer for Letter to America, 'Alan from Belfast' was there and took these snaps with his high-powered Mobile Phone.  Enjoy!

The White Witch in Belfast

The Dawn Treader in Belfast 1

The Dawn Treader in Belfast 2

The Wardrobe in Belfast

Additonal reportage to cash in on the Chronicles of Narnia:

Narnia Fever Part 1
Narnia Fever Part 2
Narnia Fever Part 3
Narnia Fever Part 4
Narnia Fever Part 5
Narnia Fever Part 6
Narnia Fever Part 7



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