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New Mexico...

January 13, 2007

Back to Belfast

Sunset in Taos, New Mexico
Well, Dear Reader am heading back to Belfast after a few weeks here in the States.  Have not really written much on this blog about the trip -  will try to articulate my thoughts about the U.S. in the next Podcast.

Monkey Attack, Orlando Florida
As the photo above shows I've had many adventures here - and had planned to post a lot more but alas the Net's a bit slow at the various cafes here in the mountains of New Mexico so there's a backlog of Film Talks and other bits and pieces to upload which I hope to make available soon.

Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico
Anyhew, I hope all of you are well and enjoying life as much as possible - had a slight spiritual epiphany which will cause a tiny refinement of the feelings demonstrated in these posts: Richard Dawkins referenced on LTA.

Leaving Taos, New Mexico
Looking forward to talking about that and other stuff in upcoming shows - have a great weekend and talk to you soon from Belfast.

Sunset in Taos, New Mexico


January 12, 2007

Bandelier National Monument

Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico
Lest there be any doubt that this blog is turning into Jett's Holiday Photos Incorporated:


State of Disaster

I present the following pics of a visit to the Bandelier National Monument.

Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico

Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico

Hundreds of years ago, (thousands?), people lived here - in thriving, bustling cities.  Ruins left now.

Which we are allowed to visit. 

I hope the visitors to our future ruins are respectful. 

Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico


January 07, 2007


The Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, Taos New Mexico
Lord; am afraid LTA has turned into a 'holiday snaps in America' blog.

The thing is, after years of living away from the bright Sun any photograph I take has some sort of saturated 'postcardy/come look at our vacation pics' vibe.

For this I apologise.

Anyhew - the above pic is of the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge; nearby which, many years ago Dear Listener, I used to live in a small cinder-block house.

The pic below is of a series of crosses at El Santuario de Chimayo.  They are recently put up and seem to be wired with power - I assume they light up for festive occasions?

Crosses at Chimayo, New Mexico

Well, if things ever go bad and I have to flee Belfast - perhaps I can make my living as a postcard photographer.  Here's a pretty picture of the Sun setting.  The amount of colour here is making me queasy - Belfast's greyer pallete will be a bit refreshing.

Sun setting in Taos, New Mexico


January 02, 2007

State of Disaster

Sunrise at New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Now, I'm not really one for planning in advance Dear Listener.  So, I ended up getting stranded in Washington D.C. during this trip to the States - my big American Adventure, first time back in 2 years - and ended up driving from the Nation's Capital down to Orlando, Florida. 

A place I've never been.

New Experience.

Interesting - will tell all in the next Podcast.

But here's the thing - was happy to escape the London Fog and did not mind driving to Florida and its beautiful coast - as seen in the photos above and below of the Sun rising on New Smyrna Beach.

Sunrise at New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Had a great meal at Boston's Fish House in New Smyrna - again I'll tell all in the upcoming Podcast.

But didn't really check the weather reports for New Mexico - the next stop in my travels.

Oh, sure - had heard about the snow storm - the blizzard - the unprecedented dumping of white feathery powder all over Denver - but didn't think it'd hit Albuquerque.

Stranded at Airport in El Paso, Texas

See these folks sleeping above?

That was me for 2 days in the fabulous El Paso International Airport.


Had no choice but record a podcast to commemorate the event - had to wake some people up.  Sorry Wayne for not being able to do the show with you this week but am sure you understand.

Anyway - finally made it to New Mex.  It's a friggin' Winter Wonderland!

It's a Winter Wonderland in Taos

These are some photos of my little plot here in the mountains.

It's colder than it looks.

It's a Winter Wonderland in Taos

I'll edit the Podcast over the next week or so and upload it so all can share vicariously in my misery.  In the meantime I leave you with another photo of the beautiful sunrise at New Smyrna.  Take care everybody and hope you all have a great new year.

Sunrise at New Smyrna Beach, Florida



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