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    You don’t need an iPod to listen to podcasts, any MP3 Player or PC with speakers will do! But wouldn’t it be great to have your podcasts download automatically so you don’t have to keep checking a website to see if a new episode is ready? Of course it would! What you need is what’s called the podcast or RSS 'feed'.

    That’s what this page helps you with - it contains the ‘feed’ of the Letter to America podcast. In a nutshell, by subscribing to the ‘feed’ of the show you’ll receive each new episode of LTA as soon as it’s ready, (No need to check this website to see if a new show is available!) There are a variety of applications or programmes that can manage your feeds for you; Apple’s iTunes for instance is a great way to see all the podcast feeds you’ve subscribed and listened to.

    How to subscribe: If you're using iTunes, click on the "Subscribe to LTA with iTunes" link below. iTunes will launch and take you to the Letter to America page; hit subscribe and you’re done, (download iTunes here if you don't have it)

    >Subscribe to LTA with iTunes

    To subscribe using applications other than iTunes copy this link:
    and paste it into your feed or podcast application of choice. Each applications is a little bit different - look for a button that says something like 'subscribe' or 'add a feed'. Here’s a sampling of some popular podcasting apps:

    Have you done that? Great! You’re now ready to join us in the wonderful world of podcasting! Every time a new episode of Letter to America is ready you’ll automatically receive it.



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