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May 01, 2007

Bill Moyers Interviews Jon Stewart

Bill Moyers Interviews Jon Stewart
Superb interview with Jon Stewart by national treasure Bill Moyers.

Click Here to Watch the Interview

Click Here to See a Selection of Bill Moyers Feeds and Podcasts

Jon Stewart makes a variety of hugely interesting points many of which are relevant to comments made in this post:

The Iraq War and the Virginia Tech Massacre


March 23, 2007

Famous Flinches, AKA the 10 Best Surprises on TV

News Reporter flinches on CNN

Saw this video on CNN today courtesy of Dr. Gareth Higgins:

Famous Flinches

I have to say it's probably the best thing I've ever seen on ever CNN, (don't actually know if there are '10 Best Surprises' in this clip but you see I've just read some crap web-post saying that to get big in the Blogospherrrrrrre you need to have posts with that kind of heading:  5 Best Bods on the Net, 8 Reasons Why Linux Rulez, 32 Ways to Get Big in the Blogospherrrrrrre, zzzz).


March 15, 2007

Today's Video Fun - The 50 Greatest Local TV Commercials - A.K.A. Things That Make Me Miss the States

Local U.S. of A. Advertisement
Well, as we can all see, Erin is classin' up the place with her informed, opinionated and witty posts. To add some balance we present today a collection of some extremely bad commercials.  You see, Dear Listener, the way the T.V. distribution system evolved in the U.S. meant that there was a space for a lot of 'local' programming.  Unlike here in Euroville, the States is dotted with small channels that can be independent or in some cases affiliated with larger networks.  This gives room for small business to advertise their wares directly to their neighbours - the following post from the Phat Phree, (via Metafilter), offers up a wonderful collection of these commercials:

The 50 Greatest Local TV Commercials

Some of my favourites from the list:

Stinky Septic

Jhoon Rhee Taekwondo

Auto Connection

Somedays I really do miss the What-the-Hell-Lot-O-Gumption-Get-the-Lead-Out-Crazy-Irrational-Exuberance of the States.

Not every day, mind you.

Just some days.


February 22, 2007

The 1/2 Hour News Hour

Sunny in Belfast

Thanks to the listeners who emailed with info about 'The 1/2 News Hour:

Republicans Make Jokes - The Daily Show for conservatives shows up on YouTube

This at last is the show we first discussed here:

The America Show


Have had a look at the various clips floating around.  A couple of the jokes made me laugh, but mostly it looks pretty dire.  Have a look for yourself:

Joel Surnow's "The 1/2 Hour News Hour"

How bout that laugh track?  Maybe we can use it on the podcast.

(Photo above not relevant in any way.  Was just happy that is was sunny today for a change here in cold, wet Belfast).


Richard Dawkins Interviewed on Paula Zahn Now

Richard Dawkins Previously on LTA:

Richard Dawkins Review - New York Review of Books

Richard Dawkins on The Late Late Show - RTE

Richard Dawkins on the Panel

Richard Dawkins on Radio Ulster

Collection of Richard Dawkins Clips

More Richard Dawkins Clips

I like the contrasting styles, both in presentation and content between Dawkins and Paula Zahn; Dawkins with the posh English accent and Zahn with all the Botox Action make for a nice pair - like to see them fight supernatural crime on a weekly series - she would see God and a pattern behind all things / he would find the 'real-life' scientific, natural causes behind the events they battle. 

Anyhew, he's right about the misunderstanding of Atheists - I think they get a bad rap.  News from the States:

U.S.A.ians Would Rather Be Governed By A Homosexual Than An Atheist

Am sure many find Dawkins annoying - he can come across as a supercilious prick - but think he's alright in this clip, forthright and with out the usual condescension and patronising attitude.


August 02, 2006

The Glamour of Show Business

Hidden Camera Hi-Jinks here in Belfast, Northern Ireland

People often ask me: 

"Jett, what's it like directing the number one hidden camera show in the world?"

Hidden Camera Hi-Jinks here in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Hidden Camera Hi-Jinks here in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Hidden Camera Hi-Jinks here in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Hidden Camera Hi-Jinks here in Belfast, Northern Ireland

My answer?  It's all Glamour, Baby!

Hidden Camera Hi-Jinks here in Belfast, Northern Ireland

This gag was directed by the man below.

Hidden Camera Hi-Jinks here in Belfast, Northern Ireland

He goes by the name of Keith Law, enjoys his job, and of course is known to fans of Letter to America, the Irish Podcast, as the creator of the 'Yes, But What Does a Muslim Think?' jingle.


January 28, 2006

Fun with Video

The BBC was here at 'Letter to America' Central and documented the recording of Chapter 20.  I've worked with a lot of different crews over the years and sometimes they can be real hard-cases but these guys were nice and easy-going and seemed like all-around good folks.  That's producer Ruth standing on the left and presenter Joe Lindsay who you hear in Chapter 20 sitting down in the last photo.  If you'd like to see Joe in a more expansive mood click here.

BBC crew from Inside Out setting up to tape Letter to America Chapter 20

BBC crew from Inside Out setting up to tape Letter to America Chapter 20

BBC crew from Inside Out setting up to tape Letter to America Chapter 20


Letter to America - Chapter 20

Holy Mother of the Infinite!  It's Letter to America - Chapter 20!

In which Wayne battles the Playaz, Maere has an inquiring mind, Joe Lindsay makes his feelings about Americans clear, Al Brenner has a suggestion involving guns and Michael Heenan plays Dress Up.

All this and more on your Irish Podcast.  Or Northern Irish Podcast.  Whatever.

Link to the World Criminal Non-Commercial Archive


January 16, 2006

What can be done?

For those interested in all the Red Light Action here in Belfast we present for your edification and enlightment the BBC News report of the meeting called by the SDLP tonight, (once watched it will be apparent why I felt it should be included on the Letter to America site - but if anyone at the BBC has a problem with my hosting this clip just email me).

Belfast Red Light District Movie



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