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Red Light District...

February 06, 2007

Prostitutes Gone?

Have the prostitutes left the Red-List District of Belfast?
Can it be true Dear Listener?  As you well know the Podcast has always advertised itself as being produced here in the heart of Belfast's Red Light District:

Prostitution in Belfast

But, as the above photo testifies, the area is now devoid of the Ladies of the Night.  Haven't seen one for ages. 

So perhaps the 'mean woman' from this episode:

Letter to America - Chapter 29 - The Lift 2.0

was correct and neighbourhood activism combined with stepped-up policing and political involvement has 'cleaned up' the area - or taken away its local charm depending on how you look at it.

Well, all I know is that the place isn't the same Dear Listener - I may have to pull up sticks and move on.


December 04, 2006

South Belfast Brothels

A leaflet decrying brothels in South Belfast
For any of you Playa Hatas who refuse to believe Team LTA is based in the heart of Belfast's Red Light District, (as small as this District may be), I submit for your edification this wee flyer shoved through my postbox this very morning.

As some of you may know I will not be able to legally vote here for several months but am taking my time to bone up on the politicians and the political system here.  First off - find info on Dr. Esmond Birnie and the Northern Irish Assembly!

(And for old-time's sake why not have a look at the clip below which examines the effects of prostitution in Belfast on the local residents).



May 05, 2006

Prostitution in Belfast - Part 2

Have just received the photo below in an email from those fine folks over at F├║star.  It seems that the anti-prostitute graffiti seen in this post:

Prostitution in Belfast

does not tell the whole story.

Prostitutes Please Stay


May 02, 2006

Prostitution in Belfast

Belfast Girls posing for the camera outside Katy Daly's one night in Belfast'

Listeners to the Podcast know that the show originates here in the heart of Belfast's red light district.  This photo, taken around the corner from my flat, shows that some local residents are not happy with the working ladies plying their trade in the area.

Some previous posts on the topic:

Belfast's Red Light District

What Can Be Done?

Kerb Crawling Concern

20 Brothels

Policeman and Man in Suit

The ladies, (and men dressed as ladies), that work these streets seem to be the usual mix of drug addicts and drunks, people who have suffered terrible abuse, nutters, folks down on their luck and those needing a quick buck.

I always try to say hi and smile when I walk by them during my evening sojourns - cause they're people too - though others treat them as 'untouchables'.  Actually I'm amazed they smile back considering the shit they have to put up with.  Anyway, Dear Listener, I'm not making a point here - just documenting what's going on around me - perhaps will discuss further in an upcoming show.


January 18, 2006

Policeman and Man in Suit

Another photo from the meeting about prostitution here in the Red Light District of Belfast.  See previous posts here, here, here and here.

This policeman in Belfast, Northern Ireland looks troubled.  Maybe we can get him on the podcast


January 17, 2006

20 Brothels

Photo from the 'Kerb Krawl Meeting', see this post, and this one.  Oh, and this one too.

I present this photo without comment except the comment that is inherent when one says that they present a photo without comment.

No comment here, told ya already...


January 16, 2006

What can be done?

For those interested in all the Red Light Action here in Belfast we present for your edification and enlightment the BBC News report of the meeting called by the SDLP tonight, (once watched it will be apparent why I felt it should be included on the Letter to America site - but if anyone at the BBC has a problem with my hosting this clip just email me).

Belfast Red Light District Movie


Kerb Crawling Concern

Hi there Dear Listener;

Tonight yours truly attended a meeting at Belfast City Hall regarding 'unchecked kerb-crawling and prostitution' here in the heart of our Red-Light District hosted by SDLP Cllr Pat McCarthy, (as fore-shadowed on Letter to America - The Lift).  I'll be reporting on this meeting in full on the next chapter of LTA coming out this Saturday - in the meantime I'll post some photos.  I like this one of the watchers being watched.

Cameras trained on the politicians and police at Belfast City Hall, Northern Ireland


December 28, 2005

Belfast's Red Light District

It's cold tonight in Belfast.  Very cold.  Especially here in the heart of the Red-Light District.  I'd like to bring the working ladies and gents a cup of soup but I don't think the pimps would approve.  I took a photo instead.  Say a wee prayer for those who have to stand outside in weather like this.

Belfast's Red Light District on a cold December night



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