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August 22, 2007

Edinburgh Fringe Podcast Action! Part 12 - Tony Law and Limmy

Ok.  Am still here.

Running on 3 hours of sleep a night, espresso and comedy.  Oh, so much comedy Dear Readers.  I have many an anecdote to share with you but will save it for the Podcast.


Here's a few shows I've enjoyed recently:

Tony Law and the Revenge of the Dog of Time
This show is whimsical, loopy, magical and dare I say it:

Nothing new you might say - we've seen it before with the Boosh.


But.  There's something in Tony Law's delivery that's new.  And trust me folks, after you've seen stand-up after stand-up doing material about Sat-Navs...Sat Navs!  Sample joke:

"Does anybody here have a Sat-Nav?  What's that all about then?"

anything new is good.

Limmy's Show!
LTA Listener Brabazon was all hot on my seeing Limmy.  Am glad he hectored me like he did.  Internet phenomenon Limmy, (Internet Phenomenon? the future you're not famous for fifteen're famous to fifteen people...), was great. 

He's a natural storyteller and his videos have a wonderful tension and show a very sharp eye.  Would love to have him on the show and will hector him Brabazon-style to be on.

Right, I'll leave you with some goodness:  Geoff Norcott is Unemployable:


August 08, 2007

Letter to America - Chapter 71 - The Edinburgh Fringe Festival Podcast - Day 3; Pegabovine


Wow, An Actual Interview on Letter to America - Chapter 71 - The Edinburgh Fringe Festival Podcast - Day 3!

In which Jett gets meets Pegabovine and gushes.

That and not much more really on your "Jenny Goes On A Bit" Podcast.

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August 07, 2007

Edinburgh Fringe Podcast Action! Part 4; Pegabovine and 'The Coat of Arms'

Pegabovine / The Coat of Arms

What a pleasant surprise I had today Dear Listener.  At the suggestion of a lovely young lady working at the Pleasance I went and saw Pegabovine's 'Coat of Arms'.

At first my heart sunk - at first it seemed like the standard 'middle-class student wankery' you can get at the fringe.  Yes, that sounds harsh I know.

But wait!

The show built and built and by the end they had myself and the rest of the audience cheering  - happy and energised by the witty writing and exurberant performances of Davis Wateracre, Jenny Sutton and Matthew Johnson.

Please don't be put off by the terrible hack review writing of the above paragraph - if you're in Edinburgh this month go see this show - I loved it so much I interviewed them for an upcoming LTA podcast and plan to get them on if time permits!

Pegabovine's 'The Coat of Arms' at the Pleasance Courtyard, 2pm Daily.

Official Pegabovine Site

More Edinburgh Goodness:

Letter to America - Chapter 70 - The Edinburgh Fringe Festival Podcast - Day 2

Letter to America - Chapter 69 - The Edinburgh Fringe Festival Podcast - Day 1

Edinburgh Fringe Podcast Action! Part 3; The Gilded Balloon and Udderbelly

Edinburgh Fringe Podcast Action! Part 2

Edinburgh Fringe Podcast Action!

Easy Jett


June 27, 2007

Comedy: The Noblest Profession; Katy Bagshaw / Wendy Wason


Hi there Dear Viewers - am having a great time on 'Project X'

One of the joys of the gig is working with a variety of comedians who are doing strong work.  The 'Project X' marketing people forbid me at this time going into more detail, (I have to do what they say - I signed a piece of paper saying I'd behave), it's a few weeks yet before I can provide links and real information about the show, but I'll mention that if you're in London on the 8th of July you could do a lot worse than go to the Electric Mouse Comedy Club, King's Head Pub, Islington.

It features 2 comedians who I've just worked with on 'X':  Katy Bagshaw and Wendy Wason, (warning: MySpace links). Katy transformed herself into 'Doris', an older lady who's concerned about all the "muslin's" coming into Britain and I guarantee - guarantee I tell you - that you'll laugh.

Wendy Wason deeply disturbed me - which I found unusual as I prefer my comedy to be dark - but her combination of placid middle-class features and bearing combined with a comedic vision of a loveless earth where everyone is out for themselves left me unsettled.

Looking back at that last sentence - you might think it doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement for a night's entertainment - but you'd be wrong. 

We need comedy  - and this kind of comedy - now more than ever.  We're living in a world where - post cold-war - there's no 'other side' that keeps our politicians honest - we're living in a system where it can feel like there's no-way you can defect - subsequently, people in power know the masses feel helpless and are grabbing as much as they can as quickly as they can.  Traditional media has failed completely - leaving it to the comedians - to address in a multiplicity of forms what's going on - to tell the truth. 

It's no coincidence that the rise of the Daily Show mirrors the decline of the traditional media in the States and it feels like we need to return to the old days - when, for instance in ancient Ireland, Satirists were seen to have real power - they were recognised to be able to cause boils to erupt on those they satirised for example.

My point is we need the darkness, AKA the truth, told in whatever way it can.  If it makes us laugh all the better - for of course by making us laugh comedy draws us in, makes us complicit and creates the space for telling the truth.  I truly think it's the Noblest Profession.

Anyhew, that's enough ranting for now Dear Viewer.  Go see the show if you're in London.  You'll have a good time.  And no boils.

(Photo above, Katy Bagshaw / Reproduced below for your edification and enlightenment is a flyer for the Evening / Click here for Google Map location of the King's Head)



May 24, 2007

Whitey Johnson, Nashville Based Musician at 'No Alibis'

Whitey Johnson, Texas-born musician, now based in Nashville, Tennessee

As viewers of the 'Behind the Scenes' Video Newsletter know I am intrigued by this Belfast / Nasville 'sister-city' thing.  What's the deal?  Will this strange, unexplained connection necessitate my travelling to Nashville for a while to do the Podcast?

The answer is probably yes.

Fortunate then that Nashville-based Bluesman Whitey Johnson is playing at No Alibis this Saturday at 8pm, (yes, that's right - not only is No Alibis the best bookstore in Northern Ireland they've also got live music too!).

Hopefully Whitey will let me pick his brains for a few minutes before the gig as to the best place to hole up in Nashville while I do the show.


The 8th Cathedral Arts Festival 3

Misguided Tours at the Festival of Fools, 8th Cathedral Arts Festival, Belfast, Northern Ireland

I went on the Misguided Tour this Saturday past - had a ball.  If you're in Belfast today tours leave at 2pm and 4pm - departing from the City Hall Gates.  Highly recommended!

Cathedral Arts Festival previously on LAT:

The 8th Cathedral Arts Festival 2

The 8th Cathedral Arts Festival 1

Star Trek Predicts A United Ireland; The 8th Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival

(I took this photo at the end of the tour - and yes that's Unpaid Intern Erin smiling out on the right!)


May 05, 2007

The 8th Cathedral Arts Festival 2

Ugandan Acrobats, The Festival of Fools, Belfast Northern Ireland
Ugandan Acrobats performing as part of the 'Festival of Fools', at the 8th Cathedral Arts Festival.  The fest keeps up the action till May 13th.

Cathedral Arts Festival previously on LAT:

The 8th Cathedral Arts Festival 1

Star Trek Predicts A United Ireland; The 8th Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival


The 8th Cathedral Arts Festival 1

LTA Fan Steve and Jett Loe at the Festival of Fools, Belfast, Northern Ireland

The 8th Cathedral Arts Festival is in full swing in Belfast right now:

The 8th Cathedral Arts Festival Official Site

I can't tell you how great it is to have so many exciting performers in town - the 'Festival of Fools' is injecting a very needed dose of comedy, surrealism and surprise into the street scene here: I was in a bad mood this morn and a troop of Ugandan Acrobats brightened me right up - the icing on the cake was meeting friendly LTA fan 'Steve' whose hearty handshake, though it caused discomfort the rest of the day - and possible some bruising, was testament to his love of the Podcast.

(As to why I look and pose the way I do in this photo:  well, I'm a natural clown and I find this look and expression comes in handy while dodging debt collectors, stalkers and ex-wives; you never know.

Also I'd like to take this opportunity to say sorry to the LTA listener who approached me in Manchester last week - I didn't stop to chat as was deep in conversation with the creator of 'Project X' and my mind was focused on that - many apologies).

Cathedral Arts Festival previously on LAT:

Star Trek Predicts A United Ireland; The 8th Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival


April 14, 2007

Star Trek Predicts A United Ireland; The 8th Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival

Worf from the television show 'Star Trek'

Special thanks to listener James who spotted this on a BBC News site:

Star Trek predicts a united Ireland

Hopefully we can get Erin to go and have a look.  As part of the 8th Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival the Trek episode is showing at the Black Box Monday, the 7th of May at 8pm - and hey it's free, always a big plus to us here at LTA.

From the Black Box website:

Star Trek - The High Ground
(The Banned Episode)

Beverly Crusher, who is trying to help wounded based on a terrorist attack on a non-aligned planet, is taken hostage. Based on what she learns, she comes to see what terrorism means first hand.

In his study of terrorism, Data notes that Ireland would be reunified in 2024 as a result of a successful terrorist campaign. Due to its content (and specifically its mention of Irish reunification), this episode has never been shown on free-to-air television in the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland, and initial airings were edited when shown on Sky One.

The Black Box previously on the site:

'Fresh Meat' at the Black Box

Belfast - City of a Thousand Festivals

(Photo above taken from the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival website - I'm such a Trek nerd that I instantly realised that the pic is not from the TV show but from one of the, I gotta get out more)



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